The Buzz is Growing at The Exchange Raleigh


As part of our commitment to wellness, nature, and mindful living, we’ve partnered with Buddha Bee Apiary to bring honeybees to our central park.

These aren’t just any old honeybees. These are Raleigh bees—born and bred here, just like the Dewitt Carolinas partners who are building The Exchange Raleigh as their legacy project.

Buddha Bee breeds resilient bees with local roots—bees that are adapted to Raleigh’s climate and ecosystem. While honeybee colonies around the world are imperiled and many colonies don’t survive the winter, over 98% of Buddha Bee colonies survive each year. This is an astonishing rate of success that highlights the importance of thoughtful planning and investment in healthy communities at the hive level.

We think those things are pretty important at the human level too.

Exchange Raleigh Beehives

A Buddha Bee beekeeper tends to our hives, which will be housed at the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle farm until construction on our park is completed.

While construction is underway at 1000 Social, the bees are living peacefully at the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle farm, where they are helping to pollinate the gardens that feed countless people in need across the Triangle.

When construction is complete and the park is ready to welcome its first residents, the hives, which have been custom painted by Durham artist Sara Bordner, will be relocated to a pollinator garden in a quiet corner back corner of the natural area.

Exchange Raleigh Beehives

Honey harvested from the hives will be used for in a variety of ways across the development; stirred into custom cocktails at events, gifted to tenants and partners, and inspiring menu additions at the restaurants on site.

As 1000 Social nears completion and our first office and retail tenants plan new office space, we’re excited to see the buzz around The Exchange Raleigh growing. We’re anxious to see everyone settled into their new homes, especially The Exchange honeybees!